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Dian Fossey 1932 - 1985, a zoologist who undertook extensive study of gorilla groups for over 18 years. Her dedication to save these wonderful creatures and a brutal fight against poachers led to creating The Dian Fossey Gorilla Fund.

When you realize the value of all life, you dwell less on what is past and concentrate more on the preservation of the future.”


Everything You Need To Know About Ivory Poaching

A ban was imposed in 1989 banning the international trade in ivory to reverse a rapid decline in the population of African elephants, but to no avail. Illegal hunting and killing of elephants remains a sad reality in Africa despite the ban. Here we examine how the beasts continue to be slaughtered to satisfy global demand for ivory.



There are just 5 days to go until world governments meet in Thailand to discuss wildlife trade as part of the global treaty called CITES, and every help counts.

What can you do?

1. Sign this petition:

2. Spread the word to your family, friends, strangers so they can sign to! ;)

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—-> Help save wildlife from poaching for their parts! Join me + @World_Wildlife + say #HandsOffMyParts!

—->Tigers, elephants & rhinos aren’t rugs, trinkets or medicine. Speak up for them w/ @World_Wildlife #HandsOffMyParts!

—-> Save #elephants! Sign the @World_Wildlife petition to ban Thailand’s ivory trade

Or create your own using the hashtag #HandsOffMyParts

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Beginning March 3 rd , more than 170 countries will gather in Thailand for a meeting on the international treaty governing wildlife trade. Tell these governments and the world that you care. Please lend your voice and raise a global cry of “Hands off my parts!” on behalf of some of the world’s most loved and threatened species.


New York to Hold Hearing on Ivory Trade Laws and Elephant Poaching

The New York State Assembly Standing Committee on Environmental Conservation announced a public hearing on ways to improve the effectiveness of the state’s laws and regulations protecting endangered species and restricting the sales of ivory.

Despite the existing legal protections, New York has become one of the leading destinations in the U.S. for illegal ivory …


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